Glossary and Works Cited

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Barnhill, David Landis - Basho's Haiku, Selected Poems of Matsuo Basho; Translated with an introduction by David Landis Barnhill; 2004 State University of New York Press 

This is another excellent resource, with another large collection of translated Basho haiku, with romanized originals and notes. In some cases poems are not found in JR but are included in this work, and are cited in the following manner: (# XX BH - DLB)

Donegan, Patricia - Haiku Mind: 108 Poems to Cultivate Awareness and Open Your Heart; Patricia Donegan; 2008 Shambhala Publications Inc


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Lanoue, David G. - Pure Land Haiku, The Art of Priest Issa; Kindle Edition;

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Jane Reichhold - "BASHO The Complete Haiku"; Matsuo Basho; Translated, annotated, and with an introduction by Jane Reichhold; 2008 Kodamsha International

This is a wonderful resource work, since quite apart from the wonderful introduction and insights by Haiku poet Jane Reichhold, she has a numerical list of almost all Basho's poems, with her own translations, as well romanized versions of the originals and literal translations from the Japanese.

Where possible, I refer to Basho's poems by their number (XX) in this book, with the following abbreviation: (#XX JR).

Stryk, Lucien - "OF LOVE AND BARLEY" Haiku of Basho; Translated by Lucien Stryk; 1985 Penguin 


Yuasa, Nobuyuki - "Matsuo Basho: the Narrow Road to the Deep North, and other travel sketches"; Nobuyuki Yuasa; 1966 Penguin Classics


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